The Travel Mask is defined as a Barrier Mask for consumers and is produced as per guidelines supplied by NSAI SWIFT 19 (National Safety Authority of Ireland and the CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission). This is not personal protective equipment (PPE) or a medical device (MD) under EU law. It is made in Ireland by STABLE of Ireland, 2 Westbury Mall, Dublin D02NH29.

To wear place mask to face with nose wrap extended up and over the bridge of your nose. Place ear loops around both ears and adjust for comfort. To remove mask, un-loop the ear elastics and lift off the face.

Warning: This Barrier Mask is not intended to protect the consumer against viral infection. Used in conjunction with relevant public health advice, social distancing and hand hygiene, a Barrier Mask may help prevent the spread of viral infection to others. This Barrier Mask is for adult use only, not suitable for children. Materials used in this product do not cause skin irritation. This Barrier Mask has been tested for fit and use and re-usability.

The Travel Mask is not designed for clinical or industrial air filtration use, nor is it suitable for these purposes. We do not recommend its use by anybody requiring protection from airborne pathogens. Our travel masks provide limited protection from self-infection caused by touching surfaces that are infected with pathogens, and transferring those pathogens to the wearer’s mouth.

If used in accordance with WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines The Travel Mask may assist in reducing the transfer of airborne pathogens by the wearer. Any benefit from our travel masks is based on established benefits from face masks generally (if used correctly), and certain, limited antimicrobial properties of linen flax.

We do not make health promotion claims for our products, nor do we give warranties or guarantees in respect of their use. We do not represent our travel masks as having air filtration benefits, nor do they have features regarding particulate material or sub-micron air filtering from any viruses or other pathogens or airborne pollutants. All Terms & Conditions are available on our website and at STABLE of Ireland.